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After 10 years of research and development,  Native Roofs has resolved the challenge of growing native mixed grass prairie on commercial and residential roofs in non-coastal, or Great Lakes regions of North America!  We began in 2007; finally established our roofs in spring 2017 and began installing them for customers in Calgary that summer.
Native prairie supports one of the most biodiverse ecosytems on the planet.   However, the semi-arid conditions of our prairie and foothills climate makes conditions notoriously challenging for growing green roofs. Our team of biologists, reclamation and environmental specialists are uniquely qualified to establish authentic green roof landscapes. Our team is experienced having worked across Alberta and knowledgeable of the province's environment and landscapes. The result? Authentic native,mixed-grass prairie, green roof landscapes that are inviting as habitat and that can withstand semi-arid conditions with minimal maintenance and irrigation.
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Native Roofs - Bringing Green Roofs to Calgary
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