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We are pleased to offer the following services to commercial and residential buildings (new and retro-fit). Project price is influenced by roof specifications, accessibility, species selection and design. Please contact us for a free initial consultation for more accurate pricing.


What are your reasons for wanting a green roof and what do you hope to achieve? No two projects are the same, and your reasons are what drive design. You'll discuss all this with your project manager who will see your project through to completion. Your timelines, budgets and building's structural limitations will be taken into account.


The next step is to translate the information gathered in the consulting phase into an action plan for the construction and maintenance of your green roof. Our team of biologists, reclamation and environmental scientists are uniquely qualified in appropriate species selection and establishing authentic rooftop landscapes that are both inviting as habitat and that can withstand semi-arid conditions with minimal maintenance and irrigation.

  • Project visualization

  • Budgeting

  • Long-term maintenance planning

  • Species selection

  • Permitting

  • Scheduling

  • Architectural assessment


This includes the application of the drainage system, root membrane, and growing medium. The native plant selection is established and other design elements are completed.


The first 12 months of maintenance following the construction of the green roof are included in the installation cost. These months are vital in the life of your roof, and it will require professional care in order to take hold. Ongoing contracts are available in three-year terms for new and existing clients.

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